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EdgeEdwards Sales Management Services is positioned to help companies especially financial sector – insurance, HMOs, pension and banking industry develop impact achieving salesforce, achieve predictable and sustained revenue growth through the application of a sales development model that is proven on the field by over 11,000 companies and 1,000,000 sales professionals across the globe.

We helping businesses build profitable sales cultures by leveraging the key elements that increase probabilities to generate profitable topline. Moreover, we help owners and executives eliminate uncertainties and doubts in their decisions about their sales force.

As a Business owners, CEOs, and executives you are able to leverage our services to:

  • Evaluate your sales force (external and internal sales teams, key account management teams, channels)
  • Develop your sales and sales leadership team (sales and sales management enablement, and group training and coaching)
  • Structure sales (sales process, indicators, systems)
  • Recruit top performing sales reps, sales managers, Directors of sales
  • Build compensation plans.
  • Align sales and marketing team with your company overall Vision.
  • Generate leads for your sales force.

Offered Solutions

  • Sales force Evaluation
  • STAR Hiring System
  • Sales Assessment
  • Sales Leadership
  • Sales Training

Value Proposition

  • Sales Growth Acceleration
  • Sales Profitability Boost
  • Sales Forecast Accuracy
  • Guaranteed sales force Retention
  • Value delivering Sales Compensation Structuring
  • Optimized Channel performance
  • Sales culture Alignment


Primary Industries we serve are:






EdgeEdwards is a Certified OMG Partner founded in 1989, objective Management Group is the pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluation and sales candidate screening.

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