We are inspire sustainable developmental and trans-formational change in the Insurance sector in Nigeria & Africa, as well as equipping its human capital for international competitiveness.

Our goal is to position the insurance workforce for global competitiveness through generations.

Our Niche

The Insurance industry is highly strategic to the economic growth of the Nation. Its growing pace has increased enormously since the recent reformation championed by NAICOM. The industry is reported to have grown by 130% in the last circa 7 years.

Before now, the insurance industry has been grossly misunderstood and its benefits largely undervalued by the Nigeria market. However, with the recent reforms, there has been a paradigm shift in the way the industry is perceived and to sustain this change; there is need for an influx of highly skilled and diverse professionals with ample knowledge of the industry plus a drive to contribute to its development.

Service Offerings

Through our HCD brand we are providing cutting edge solutions and highly skilled personnel to the Insurance sector in Nigeria and Africa. It is an enterprise of highly resourceful and professional group of consultants with clear understanding of the Nigerian Insurance terrain.

Our pool of diverse professionals are from various fields such as medical, legal, engineering, art, technology and finance etc. leveraging on their specialized skills to ensure an all-round excellent delivery in the insurance world.


We train and recruit solely for the insurance industry from entry level to experienced professionals. Our recruitment consultants take the headhunting stress off you, and ensure staff recruitment with high retention and almost zero staff turnover. We staff diverse professionals as underwriters, loss adjusters, brokers, actuaries, sales agent and other strategic mix required within the sector.

Specialized Training

With our value delivering faculty, we deliver qualitative and specialized training to our clients to bridge the knowledge, skills and attitudinal gap in the industry. We offer bespoke training as well as general training with M&E experts to help organizations measure qualitatively and quantitatively the impact of these training to their bottom line and productivity (ROI). In addition, based on global learning standards, we also ensure post training follow up with clients.

The tenure for this will depend on the peculiarity of the problem identified and the intervention tool provided.


We provide world class consultancy to organizations in re-engineering the human capital management processes which covers but not limited to recruitment & selection, remuneration & compensation, learning & development and as identified need arises.

Enterprise Solution

Our sales evaluation tool is a renowned tool used by fortune 500 companies which have equally been used on 750,000 sales people globally.

Our sales force solutions include:

 Sales force Evaluation

  • Assessment for Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Directors and VP’s.
  • We also provide Leadership Team Solutions – Leadership Team and Board Evaluation, Leadership plus Leaders and Management Assessment.
  • Sales process evaluation

Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis 

Knowledge Management

We ensure the capturing, developing, sharing and transference of relevant information and key industry knowledge from one generation to another. This knowledge management strategy is designed to be achieved through executive coaching, mentoring, job shadowing, internships


We know Human resource is core and strategic to every thriving organization, our software is an enterprise level Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that can provide you a saving up to 10 – 20% on your employee management costs by:

  • Streamlining and improving efficiency in common workflows such as leave management, attendance and timesheet management, recruitment, staff training, performance management etc.
  • Reducing the administrative burden on Human Resource function through its employee self-service feature thereby freeing them up to perform more strategic and developmental functions
  • Automating the payroll function and generating employee accessible electronic payslips thereby removing the cost associated with these tasks
  • Helping you better understand how employees’ time are being spent on various task and projects thereby allowing for better resource allocation
  • Reducing staff data hand-offs, errors and wasted time
  • Reducing costs associated with absenteeism and staff lateness
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